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How to change Hotmail account password

Changing Hotmail password is the same as changing Microsoft password that help you protect information of your Hotmail account. Normally when you register Hotmail, you have created your new password but changing your password regularly will give you greater safery.

Not only Hotmail account, with other email services such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, users must change gmail/yahoo password usually to protect their own account. If passwords didn’t change for a long time, it’s easy to stole and your information will be exposed.

If you use Yahoo, the ways to change Yahoo password is easy. Referring how to change a Hotmail account by hotmaillonline.com to know how to do.

Step 1: Sign in your Hotmail account. At Hotmail mailbox interface -> Select icon (avatar) -> Click “View Account”.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new browser tab. Here, you choose Change password.

Then, you need to login your Hotmail account again.

Step 3: The interface of change Hotmail password appears, enter your current password -> Enter your new password -> ReEnter your new password and click Save.

You can tick off “Make me change my password every 72 days: This work will help the system announce to you to change your password after 72 days since the day you change to the new one.

After the message line “Your password was changed on…”, your password has now been changed.

Above, hotmaillonline.com has instructed you to change your Hotmail password successfully, the steps are quite simple. Not only email accounts, devices such as Wifi, laptop also need to change password regularly in order to protect your information. Change your wifi’s password is quite important because it directly affects the information which stored on your PC or laptop.