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How to Block Junk Mail on Hotmail

In process of using email, usually receiving junk mail isn’t rare. And Hotmail isn’t exception. Spam Emails occupies a lot of free capacity on your inbox, it affects the process of using Hotmail.

If delete each spam email that will spend a lot of time as well as our efforts. In this post, we will guide you how to block any email in Hotmail with quite simple steps.

Step 1: You need to sign in your Hotmail account.

Step 2: At Hotmail’s main interface, click on Cogwheels icon and select Options.

Step 3: In left menu bar, you expand directory: Mail > Junk email > Blocked senders.

Step 4: At right interface, type the address you want to block and click on the plus icon beside.

Step 5: Select Save to save blocked email setting in Hotmail

Step 6: To delete emails from blocked list, you select email and click Remove. If you want to delete all email list, select Discard.

So you can be assured about your Hotmail that won’t continue to be spammed by strange emails.

Block email in Hotmail

Block email in Hotmail help you block any emails in Hotmail services, that help you prevent emails from addresses which often bother you. Referring the post below by hotmaillonline.com to know how to do.

When you use email services such as Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail, you will face with receive emails from addresses that aren’t in your listfriend. Then the option of block mail in gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail will be done.

With Gmail, Yahoo users who use for a long time, block mail in Yahoo or Gmail is quite easy. And with Hotmail users, it isn’t difficult but they will have difficulty if they haven’t known yet. Practicing and following the instruction below of hotmaillonline.com

Step 1: Sign in Hotmail. At Hotmail interface, select Cogwheels ⚙ icon, click Option.

Step 2: Select Mail -> Junk email -> Blocked senders

Enter Email you want to block -> Click (+)

=> This email will be listed in the blocked email list in Hotmail.

Step 3: Select Save to save blocked email list in Hotmail.

If you want to delete email from blocked list -> Select this email and click Remove (dustbin icon), and if you want to delete list, select Discard.

Above, hotmaillonline.com has instructed you how to block email in Hotmail and mass block emails in Hotmail mailbox. Besides, if you want to make your email more professional, you can “Create Hotmail signature” with your information, address and phone number.