How to create group in Hotmail

Create group in Hotmail helps you easily manage the email addresses in your Hotmail contact. Besides that, it’s convinient for sending mass emails as well as avoiding unnecessary negligence may happen. Let’s following the post below by to create email group in Hotmail.

Creating group in Hotmail as well as creating group in Gmail that mainly help users manage, clearly division email addresses in their contacts into different groups for convenience of send email and receive email.

Not only Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo but also you can easy to create group in Outlook – a popular email service too. Follow the steps below, you will easy to create a email contact group in Hotmail.

Step 1: Sign  in Hotmail

First, you need to sign in your Hotmail (if you haven’t had a Hotmail account, please refer “How to create a Hotmail account” by then select icon as image -> select People.

Step 2: Select New -> Select Contact list

Step 3: Here you type the name you want for group -> Then add email accounts into group -> Create note for group -> Finally select Save

You created a group in Hotmail successfully. has instructed you how to create group in Hotmail. After create your group, surely your email contact in Hotmail will be more clearly. To edit group, delete group you just created: Select Group -> Select Edit tools or Delete.

Besides, you easily to block mail in Hotmail for don’t receive mail from email addresses you unwanted and if you want your email more professional, you should use signature for each email; with Hotmail, create signature is quite easy, if you don’t know or don’t use it for a long time so you unfamiliar with new interface, you can refer “Create Hotmail signature” on to do.