Forward mail in Hotmail, forward your mail to another mail

Forward mail in Hotmail helps you forward mail from mailbox to another email address to check mail in different cases. The installation is quite simple. Referring the post below by

Forward mail is a popular function in online email services. Not only Hotmail but also in Gmail, ‘forward mail in gmail’ is long-standing function. If using gmail, you can refer to installation.

Hotmail is one of Microsoft’s services that helps you send and receive mail and sign up Outlook with the same functions. And like Gmail, Yahoo, forward mail function in Hotmail has updated. If you don’t know how to use, please follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Sign in Hotmail. At interface, select Cogwheels ⚙ icon, click Option.

Step 2: Select Mail -> Account -> Forwarding -> Type Email you want to forward and click Save.

In case you want to remove Email forward, select Stop forwarding and click Discard to forwarding again. has instructed you how to forward mail in Hotmail. With this way you easily to receive email on another email address without your main email. Besides if you use Outlook, you can ‘forward mail in Outlook’ to forward multiple emails to another mail address.