Add new email to Hotmail contact

Adding new email to Hotmail contact helps you send mail faster instead of typing email address from the beginning. With this work, it’s not necessary for you to type each email address when you want to send a new mail.

Like chat software such as Viber, Skype… online email services also support you to create emails list for users to manage and operation faster. If Viber or Skype Download has friend list to manage, with Hotmail, Gmail also easily to add new mail addresses into your new contact.

When using Gmail, you can “add email to gmail contact” ( so when you send an gmail, that email information will be displayed and you just need to select). Like this, Hotmail also integrates this function. Let’s effectuate with!

Step 1: Sign in Hotmail. Select icon as image -> Select People

Step 2: At My contacts -> Select New

Step 3: Enter the necessary information such as name, phone number… The most important is email address. After finish typing -> Select Save to save new email address you wanna add to Hotmail contact.

Thus, new mail address has added to your Hotmail contact.

To edit address, select email you want to edit -> Choose functions include Edit (Edit info), Delete (Delete Email address), Add to Favorites

The steps are quite simple, you can add new email address to Hotmail contact. To protect your Hotmail address better, you should change your Hotmail password regularly to avoid the case your information in mailbox is stolen.